Paph. venustum var. measurieanum / alba - BS

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       This is the albo verde (green and white) form of this unique species also known as measurieanum. This species is native to India and can grow in cool to warm conditions. This used to be an extremely rare color form of the species costing a good deal of money but through seed production over time the price has come down. Water as the mix approaches dryness, usually this means twice per week if in bark. If potted in moss, water as the moss approaches dryness. The incredible flowers look like they have brain-like veins on the pouch. The flowers last from 1-3 months and can appear twice a year but typically flower in the fall. The beautiful checkered lighter green and darker olive green variegation is beautiful enough when not in bloom.


This is Blooming size healthy plant and will be shipped in Bare Rooted condition. Please see the actual plant’s image before placing the order.